Only 19 months after announcing plans to purchase Alcatel-Lucent in April 2015, Nokia's fast progress in integrating and operating as a combined company has put it in good stead to meet the opportunities of an increasingly connected world.

The closing of the deal yesterday, marked by the purchase of all outstanding Alcatel-Lucent shares, means Nokia will now start eliminating the complexity and costs of running two separate public companies. It caps a radical three-year transformation that started with the purchase of Siemens' share in Nokia Siemens Networks in 2013 and was followed by the divestments of the Devices & Services and mapping businesses in the next two years.

"While we have been operating as a combined company already since January 2016, we should take a moment to recognize the significance of today's news. This acquisition was smoother than many observers thought possible, and I would like to thank all our employees and partners who made it happen," said Nokia President and CEO, Rajeev Suri.

This speed was evident only 9 months after the deal was announced, with Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent working as a combined company and, shortly after that, Nokia offering customers its improved product portfolio in a fraction of the time taken in previous integrations. The company has accelerated synergy plans for the deal, and expects EUR 1.2 billion in annual cost savings to be achieved in full-year 2018.

Nokia has been bolstered by Alcatel-Lucent's fixed, IP, optical and applications and analytics technologies, making it the only global player to offer a truly end-to-end portfolio to meet rising data-driven demands. With its recent launch of 4.5G Pro and the future deployment of 4.9G technology, Nokia is giving operators, enterprises and public institutions the enhanced capacity and network latency essential for the transition to 5G.

The acquisitions in 2016 of Withings and Gainspeed, plus a brand-licensing deal with HMD global and expanded intellectual property cross-licensing agreement with Samsung, also show Nokia's intent to branch into new markets in a way that makes sense not only as a stand-alone activity, but with the aim to create more demand for its Networks business.

"During the last three years Nokia has reinvented itself, emerging as a leader in the technologies connecting people and things with an unparalleled portfolio that better serves our traditional customers and, critically, new customers in the enterprise, Internet, utilities and transportation sectors. We are focused on playing a central role in a world where everyone and everything will be connected - the Programmable World," Suri added.

It has been confirmed that Samsung has suspended production of  Galaxy Note7 smartphone which might be due to replacement versions of the device that smoke came out from on US plane as reported by etnn recently.

Many airlines have barred taking the device on board  and comminucation have cancelled importation and lunching of the phone after the incident.

Replacement phones were supposed to solve the issue, and users started swapping in their old devices. But some customers have been reporting the same dangerous problems with their new phones.


New sets model of Samsung Note 7 smartphone began smoking inside a U.S. plane on Wednesday, the source said.

A problem with the replacement for the Note 7 model would create a new, embarrassing and potentially costly chapter to a global scandal which has hurt Samsung's reputation. It also could add new dangers for consumers.

Brian Green, the passenger who's phone began emitting smoke inside a Southwest Airlines Co flight to Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky, his wife Sarah told Reuters after speaking with her husband. She said that Green had replaced the original phone about two weeks ago after getting a text message from Samsung.

Samsung Electronics Co said in a statement it was working to recover the device and to understand the cause. “Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7," the South Korean company said.

The world's largest smartphone maker announced a global recall of at least 2.5 million of its flagship Note 7 smartphones in 10 markets last month due to faulty batteries causing some phones to catch fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is in touch with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Samsung and the phone's owner to gather facts, Chairman Elliot Kaye said in a statement, reminding consumers that they could get refunds for the troubled model.

The FAA said in a statement that it had confirmed a Samsung phone caused the smoke on the Southwest flight and that it was investigating the incident.

Technology news site The Verge, which earlier reported the incident, quoted Brian Green as saying the phone was a replacement, and it posted a picture taken by him of the packaging. The picture showed an identifying label with a black box, which Samsung has described as the indicator of a replacement phone. A spokeswoman declined to comment on the picture.

Samsung customers in China have reported problems with phones that have the same battery as the global replacement model, but Samsung has said it examined the Chinese phones and found the batteries were not at fault.




For yet another year Samsung has taken the role of a modern-day orator, pushing for a return to personal handwriting against the trend of detached digital text. All great speeches start with carefully prepared notes.

It's the S Pen that gives the Galaxy Note7 and its predecessors their unique identity and writing on the screen with the new S Pen feels the most natural yet. And with this generation, you can even scribble notes where the screen is off and it would The Galaxy Note7 powers you to get things done. Work and play more with our most advanced S Pen that lets you jot down little reminders and big ideas as soon as you think of them. Keep going, rain or shine, thanks to the water-resistant design of the Galaxy Note7 and S Pen. Add to that a fast-wireless-charging, long-lasting battery, and you can keep going with the assurance your phone will too.venture where most electronics would not dare - underwater.


Capture all the action even in low light, focusing instantly with our best smartphone camera. Shoot all the photos and video you want—the Galaxy Note7 memory is expandable, so you won’t have to decide what to keep and what to cut. Then view it all on the immersive, dualcurved Super AMOLED display on the slim design that fits naturally in your hand.

Writes naturally

The Galaxy Note7 S Pen is engineered to be smooth and precise. It writes so well that note-taking sessions, detailed annotations and the most creative works of art come easy. It's a pen that makes the switch between work and play as naturally as you do.



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