Manitoba Government Reviews Quality of Services Offered to Francophones

24 August 2017 Author :  

The Manitoba government is reinforcing its commitment to French language services with a survey of francophones, according to, Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires, minister responsible for francophone affairs.

“As a province, Manitoba is proud of its long-standing francophone history and two decades after the publication of the Chartier report, Above All: Common Sense, we want to know what progress has been made and which areas are still a priority to the French-speaking community,” Squires said.  “We do our best to offer comparable service in both official languages but we know there are areas where we can do better to ensure the enhancement of our Francophonie.”

The Manitoba government has established an inventory of services offered in French by public bodies and would now like to hear what the francophone community thinks about the quality of those services.  The survey asks what services they regularly use in French, how they access these services and which ones could be improved.

“One year after the adoption of The Francophone Community Enhancement and Support Act, it is important for us to establish what are the strengths and weaknesses of government services in French,” said Jacqueline Blay, president of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine.  “This public consultation allows us, in part, to answer that question and we hope a significant number of Manitoba’s francophones will participate in this survey.”

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