Breaking News: Storm to hit as a blizzard in New Brunswick and like a hurricane in Nova Scotia

04 January 2018 Author :  

A powerful storm will roll ashore in part of Atlantic Canada and produce blizzard conditions in much of New Brunswick and eastern Quebec and may seem like a hurricane in Nova Scotia.

The storm hit the southeastern coast of the United States with heavy snow and ice and has begun to produce blizzard conditions in parts of the northeastern U.S. on Thursday. An eye has developed in the storm.

Only the fast-moving nature of the storm will limit the worst direct effects to less than 24 hours in most locations. However, the magnitude of the wind may have some communities buried in snow with people in the dark and the cold for days in the wake of the storm.

"Rain and snow at the beginning of the storm will transition to all rain as winds increase from the Atlantic Ocean in much of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and southeastern New Brunswick," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

Windswept heavy rain may lead to flooding on the storm's warm, eastern side.

"A formidable blizzard is in store for central and northwestern New Brunswick and some of the Eastern Townships of Quebec," Anderson said.

The storm will bring near-zero visibility and rapidly accumulating snow.

Major cities likely to be hit hard by the blizzard include Rimouski and Murdochville, Quebec, and Fredericton and Edmundston, New Brunswick.

Seas will be too dangerous for small craft to be on open water. Waves will build and crash ashore along unprotected areas of the coastline.


Source: Accuweather

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